PBC mainnet chain

PBC mainnet chain is created based on the blockchain 3.0 technology. PBC is the native coin on the chain. Both cross-chain and intra-chain transactions consume a certain amount of PBC. PBC is also used in security deposits for the cross-chain verification nodes.The consensus mechanism of the mainnet chain adopts the DPoS + PoBW protocol,and introduces a consensus protocol for cross-chain transactions and incentive mechanism.

PBC network

PBC network has built the basic system, including the mainnet chain, node group, blockchain explorer, wallet, and API. Combining distributed storage, smart contracts, cross-chain transactions, distributed ledgers, multi-signature and other technologies to connect users, banks, payment institutions, credit platforms, etc., through the consensus incentive system allows participants to spontaneously maintain the sustainable development of PBC ecosystem.


PBC is a complete development platform for developing various DAPPs. PBC Wallet is an innovative blockchain wallet tool that provides users with unified management of all digital assets, not just a wallet, but also a full-featured blockchain terminal. Users can achieve various financial needs in their wallets. The blockchain explorer makes it easy for users to query information and transactions on the chain. Exchange has over-the-counter trading and real-time trading functions, which can achieve rapid conversion between different assets in different currencies.

Cross-Chain protocol

Cross-chain gateway of PBC mainnet chain is responsible to communicate and integrate with all the external blockchains. Cross-chain gateway is compatible with various private blockchain protocols, consortium blockchain protocols as well as trustworthy mainnet blockchains, providing communication and data switching across different blockchains. Cross-chain gateway establishes communication and interaction protocols, therefore heterogeneous blockchains analyze and transmit communication requests in accordance with the cross-chain protocol,connecting with each other.


Cooperative Project



PBC roadmap


PBC token

PBC token

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core team

Ron Will
Ron Will is the founder of the PBC. Before joining PBC, he was the CFO at Ripple. At the same time, Ron was CFO and Operating Partner at Mainsail Partners, a growth equity firm with more than $750 million in committed capital. Ron also held a CFO role at BrightRoll, Inc., a video advertising platform, where he helped scale the company and grow revenue by 500% in four years. Ron brings extensive experience in corporate finance, capital markets and acquisition transactions from his previous position as the Treasurer and VP of Corporate Finance at Yahoo! and in other roles at Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.
Jed McCaleb
Jed McCaleb is the founder of PBC. Previously, he created eDonkey2000 which became one of the largest file-sharing networks in its time. He later created Mt. Gox, the first bitcoin exchange.Then, he also worked on Stellar and Ripple.
Waheed Qaiser
Waheed Qaiser has held executive management positions at Citibank, HSBC, UBS,IIBU, IBB, QCC. Waheed is a Management Professional, having led Operations, Retail/Private banking, asset management, Investment banking, and various areas of conventional & Islamic banking in Global Financial Institutions.
Kirillov Artem
Cryptogenius Kirillov Artem. He stood at the roots of the Hitbtc exchange development and was famous as the Director runing production operations in the largest Russian mining pool. As the blockchain pioneer he took part in different financial services working with crypto-currencies.
Johnny Goodnow
Johnny Goodnow is a developer of PBC. He’s been creating, fixing, and gluing together software and systems for the past decade in Silicon Valley, where he previously worked at Asana and Palantir.
Alexander Kholodnykh
Alexander has 9 years of commercial development background. Specialising in web crawling, processes automation, server tasks solving.
Sergey Morozov
He is a system architect and database administrator of various types, skilled professional in building highly loaded systems. His career in development started 10 years ago. During this time he was involved in the development of a large number of systems for data processing: from systems for the work of copywriters to financial accounting systems, which audience exceeds millions of users.
Peter Gashitsky
UI Designer
Peter is a experienced web and graphic designer, talented illustrator. His statement is “clean projects, clean design”.
Zachary Freundt
Executive Director of Operations
Zac is a digital strategist that is focused on educating and building communities. Zac previously directed content, lead strategy, and art for a large variety of different scale organizations. In his free time, Zac writes on future technology, free and open-source software, and decentralized internet.
Vitalik Buterin
Technical Consultant
The founder and chief scientist of Ethereum is also a consultant to the project. He is also the founder and author of Bitcoin magazine, which is the starting point for his entry into the cryptocurrency field in 2011. He is very interested in creating secure, efficient and trusted systems and has been a consultant for many projects in the cryptocurrency field.
John Mitchell
Marketing Consultant
John serves as a marketing consultant for PBC and is also the SVP of Global Sales for Ripple. John is the SVP of Global Sales at Ripple. Prior to joining PBC, he led global sales for Reval, the world-leader in SaaS Treasury Management Systems for large international corporations and transaction banking. He started his career in finance with IBM, subsequently moving into direct sales. John has over 25 years leadership experience in selling complex enterprise software to banks, covering capital markets, payments, AML and liquidity. John has established successful businesses in North America, EMEA, SE Asia, Japan and Mainland China as well as having worked for three listed companies.
Ian Grigg
Financial Consultant
Ian is a financial cryptographer who has established an encrypted ledger platform for more than 20 years. Ian is the inventor of the "Ricard Contract" and the co-inventor of the "Triple Entry Accounting".

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